Syracuse University Hydrosphere Research Group

The purpose of the Syracuse University Hydrosphere Research Group is to integrate research in the Hydrosphere and physical geography as a whole into departments and colleges throughout Syracuse University. The group played a crucial role in creating the Interdisciplinary Graduate Education, Research, and Training (IGERT) proposal, which developed an integrated undergraduate training program focused on human interactions with the hydrosphere. The group has also taken steps within the earth sciences department to improve the quality of the water program. They are constantly bringing in new faculty and equipment to allow for more water related research in the hydrosphere.

On the group’s website, information on faculty members involved in the group and their contact information is provided. Visitors to the website are also able to investigate subgroups of the project including SWIFT, Water Science & Engineering, and hydrology, among others. Finally, there is a tab on the website that discusses job positions available to become a faculty member of the Syracuse University Hydrosphere Research Group, and how to apply.