Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigation

This center’s main goal is to investigate the deep seas of our planet. They are actually looking for microbial life underneath the rocks on the floor of our oceans. Their goal is to determine what organisms exist where and how long they’ve been there, how they might be related to other organisms nearby, and how these organisms play into the cycles that make our earth what it is today. The researchers go in and collect samples from under the sea and they analyze that data, as well as create their own models to represent what is below. They have many different field sites across the world where they get their data from, including off the coast of Washington state and Costa Rica. This relates to our class because they are very interested in the biosphere but are also investigating sediment rocks to see if there are any organisms living inside there. Their main focus is investigating our earth’s crust. The center is very dedicated to education and wants to make sure people know about what they are doing.