Stanford University Spatial History Project

The Spatial History Project is an attempt to conduct research within the humanities, specifically history, through the lens of spatial analysis. The team compiles both spatial and non spatial data together within geospatial databases. The differentiation between the Spatial History Project and traditional history research lies in several factors, including the fact that it places a strong emphasis on visualization, a conceptual approach to space, is more collaborative and depends heavily on the use of computers. The website allows you to access the research put out by the Project, as well as look at current projects. Some projects that are currently underway include A Chronology of Suburban Expansion for San Antonio, TexasA Global Atlas of OilFollow the Money, and From Forest to Vineyards: The Changing Landscape in Brazil, among many others. All of these projects begin by examing a central historical issue, and then trace itsdevelopment using geospatial methods. This provides a unique perspective on historical inquiry. The website also allows you to go into the gallery of past projects and immerse yourselg in the research through the use of visals and other forms of media. The research falls within the cross section of the biosphere and lithosphere, lookig both and human interaction and developent with nature as well as the pure enviornmental development over time. In all this website is a useful and intriguing resource for anyone from history buffs to budding physical geographists.