Randy Pausch: The Hero Who Dared Us To Live Our Dreams

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

12 thoughts on “Randy Pausch: The Hero Who Dared Us To Live Our Dreams

  1. This guy is almost beyond belief. Almost, but not quite. If he were beyond belief, we couldn’t believe in him– but we must believe in him, because he embodies the true essence of Humanity, the love of living that makes existence not just worthwhile but profound, the understanding that the ultimate meaning of life is to appreciate it all. If his lecture has gone viral, it has not gone viral enough, because too many people still do not understand. This man who died far too young is telling us the secret that billions have searched for throughout History– and he’s telling us it was never a secret at all.

    I really wish he were still alive. 🙁

  2. I have already read Randy Pausch’s book “The Last Lecture” and it was truly an inspiration to me because Randy Pausch led a life of dreams and trying to reach those dreams. Randy Pausch is a hero because he is a living embodiment of someone who wouldn’t let his obstacles deter him from his goals, and he tried to finish his dreams the best he could with what God gave him to his last breath. Randy Pausch wanted to help people and to inspire people to be more enthusiastic about their goals and he succeeded in doing so by sacrificing himself for the good of others. That is why Randy Pausch is a hero.

  3. Randy Pausch is an incredible symbol for not ever giving up hope. His courage to share his beliefs while knowingly awaiting his death is truly inspiring. The lessons he taught should always be kept in mind and have very positive underlying views. Enjoying himself until his last breath was the best message I could take out of this article and because of this Randy Pausch will always be a hero in my mind.

  4. Randy Paush’s story is so incredibly inspiring. We talk about being faced with obstacles and how you can approach them in a heroic manner, but Paush was not really faced with an obstacle. He was faced with the end of his life. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to know you are going to die, and the courage it must take to continue living your life. He spun his terrible life circumstances into something that has touched so many people, inspiring them to truly live their lives.

  5. I come to learn about Randy Pausch’s in high school when my teacher read part of Randy’s Last Lecture to the class. It is one of the most inspiring pieces of literature I’ve ever known. His death just reminds me and perhaps many of us who take our lives for granted to start living our life to the fullest while we still can.

    Thanks for posting this great blog and the video. You can also watch the full video of “Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” here. It is truly inspiring.


  6. When I first saw his lecture, I cried because he is so brutally honest. He’s lost all sense of shame and really wants to help everyone he can while he’s around. His selfless act is not only for his children, but touches everyone who watches his video. It’s his vulnerability that makes him so inspiring and heroic.

  7. What a wonderful message of hope! I am inspired by his love for his family and how he did everything in his power to create lasting memories for his children. Further, his straight forward, fearless and motivational approach to battling cancer is truly heroic. Randy’s last lecture is one that will live on through time and continue to inspire many to live their lives to the fullest and work hard to achieve their dreams.

  8. This is a tremendous post on a magnificent blog, Scott. You are expanding the effectiveness of Randy’s message and making a tangible, positive difference in the world. I would like to subscribe to your blog and be notified of each and every future post.

  9. Randy Pausch’s words of wisdom reach well beyond the years that he lived. His unwavering ability to provide others with advice and hope like this in his own time of need is truly astounding and I cannot think of a better hero. I’m glad to know that his children will be able to watch and see what a great man their father was and how many people he was able to reach and inspire.

  10. I have never heard of Randy before reading this blog. I can’t believe he was capable of doing what he did. If I was in his situation I would have probably been in some confused panic state trying to make sense of what was happening to me. He is not only able to not pity himself, but to use the opportunity to reach out to others to try and improve their lives. He is incredible and inspirational, and I hope I can take some of those lessons to heart.

  11. Although I had heard of Randy Pausch and of his Last Lecture, I was deeply moved after watching the clip of him speaking on the Oprah Winfrey show. His vulnerability, strength, and simple yet bold honesty is truly inspiring. Although created for his children to one day read and learn from, Pausch’s selfless lecture has impacted so many and helped us to remember what is most simple and important during our lives. He is truly a hero.

  12. When I see this, I cried because he is so brutally honest. It’s his vulnerability that makes him so inspiring and heroic. Beautiful lecture..

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