Marie Curie: Trailblazing Scientist Who Paid the Ultimate Price

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

6 thoughts on “Marie Curie: Trailblazing Scientist Who Paid the Ultimate Price

  1. Marie Curie wasn’t afraid to defy social and gender boundaries in an era that was dominated by men. Through hard work, determination, and persistence, Curie was able to make a name for herself and forever impact the lives of millions through her scientific discoveries. Curie is the quintessential example of a woman who was confident in her own skin and would stop for nothing and no one to achieve her goals. Remembered today as one of the greatest woman scientists, Marie Curie will forever serve as an icon for other women who want to follow down a similar path as her and realize that they can accomplish anything they want, even when all odds are against them.

  2. Marie Curie had nothing to do with nuclear weapons; that’s like saying the Wright Brothers are responsible for the London Blitz.

    Marie Curie was a wonderful scientist; she was curious, insightful and brilliant. And she made all her accomplishments in a very oppressive age, so she not only fundamentally changed the body of scientific knowledge, but helped to change society.

    It’s sad that a hundred years later, so many women still think of science as a “guy thing,” and refuse to appreciate it.

  3. "We must believe that we are gifted for something," Curie once said, "and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained."

    I like this sentence. Everyone has their potential to become a hero, but the important thing is if you can find your potential and try your best. We must overcome the obstacle to achieve it.

    Marie Curie’s story was inspiring. We can see how’s the society’s prejudice on woman from the book we read in class. Marie Curie was just like the like in the dark and show people what women can do.

  4. Marie Curie is a hero in that she was not afraid to challenge societal norms that stood in the way of her ambitions. Without courageous souls like Curie, women might not be where they are today. She is responsible for the advancement of women in science and even more, she is responsible for the advancement of incredible technology that has changed the world forever.

  5. The argument that Curie could be considered a villain based on the dangerous possibilities her findings created is, I agree, very weak. Her motives in her research were to advance science, and in doing so she created opportunities for real villains to apply what she had discovered for evil instead of good. She is not villainous for attempting to make the world a better place and potentially save lives with her research. Those who use the work of others to create something for the destruction of other people are the true villains.

  6. There is so much controversy about science, heroes, and villains. I’m glad that Marie Curie is largely remembered as a hero and one of the first well-remembered female scientists. Although her specific actions may do some harm, think of all the young girls she inspired! I hope I can accomplish a tenth of what she did in my own life.

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