Jesus of Nazareth: The Born Hero

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

24 thoughts on “Jesus of Nazareth: The Born Hero

  1. Actually, not only did he say explicitly that he was the son of God, God Himself said “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well-pleased”, as well as the devils he cast out, who recognized his authority.

    As far as why a movement of any kind degenerates, the simple common denominator is greed, usually by the people at the apex. There is also the innate nature of man that desires being better than someone else. Neither of these things negate the original message that Christ preached, just provides stumbling blocks for people who try to follow him.


  2. Believing in Jesus is optional. Eventually being held accountable for your decision is not. Nice piece, Scott & George. Your quest for Christ is inspiring! Seek and you will find.

    Yours in the quest,

  3. I really liked the use of the historian's quote it opened a perspective that is often overlooked.
    I cant imagine how difficult writing this piece was without coming of biased. It would be interesting to see you write about some of other faiths and prophets – Muhammad- Islam, Krishna -Hinduism, and Bob Marley -Rastafarianism .

  4. I think Jesus was definitely a hero in that he provided the world with a virtuous set of morals to live by. However, at some point in history, Jesus fans began to manipulate and interpret what Jesus did in a manner that would personally benefit themselves (And I think this happens in many religions). The US now has mega-churches and millionaire priests, rampant molestation scandals, and the Vatican that contains billions of dollars worth of gold and priceless artifacts. It seems that many people take advantage of various aspects of Christianity and knowingly manipulate Jesus’ message to satisfy their own selfishness. I also think that the staggering number of churches that fill small town throughout the world take up space that could be better allocated to science and recreation. I think Jesus had the best intentions and he has had a great impact on the world, but his teachings have also ruined many lives and served as an opiate for the masses.

    “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain” -Harvey Dent

  5. How can’t you see Jesus as a hero? Jesus sacrificed his life for all of us. Now if you do not think that is heroic you do not know what you are talking about. Jesus should be everyones biggest hero!

  6. Jesus is more than a hero to me. He sacrificed his life for everyone in this world. I consider Jesus as my father, without him my world wouldn’t be complete. I pray to him every day because it’s a blessing to me that I get to wake up and see another day.

  7. Jesus should be a hero to everyone. He put himself through so much pain and suffering for the sinful people of the earth. He knew everything He was going to go through, and He had all of the power in the world to say no and back out of it. He sacrificed his life for not only me, but for every person on this earth, and none of us probably deserve that. There is a reason He is called our Father, it’s because He is everyone’s hero.

  8. Your posting Jesus of Nazareth: The Born Hero at Heroes: What They Do and Why We Need Them hit the nail on the head. I am guaranteed to come back here frequently to check out whatever you have to say. You earned a subscriber.

  9. I agree that Christ is the ultimate hero. He has all the qualities of a hero we discussed in class: charisma, compassion, selflessness…the list goes on and on. Whether one believes in him or not, it cannot be denied that he implemented a radical change and a quest for goodness in the world, and that is truly heroic no matter how you look at it.

  10. Jesus Christ will always be my #1 hero. He has changed my life in ways that other people would not understand. Everyday, I strive to glorify him and everything he did for everyone living on this earth. He courageously died on the cross because of all of our sins. He is the ultimate hero, who watches over the world every single day. I am so thankful to have the Lord in my life and I do not know what I would do if would’nt have found him.

  11. Jesus Christ is a hero to many people across the world. Jesus displays all the traits that a person would look for in a hero, and he gave his life for everyone on earth which is the most extreme display of selflessness. From a personal stand point I would not be the person I am now if it wasn't for Jesus. Jesus provides guidance for many as well as strength and hope.

  12. When we’ve discussed who our heroes are in class, most people mention either people close to us who have inspired us, such as our parents or siblings, or famous people who have left an impact on not only them but a large amount of people because of their actions. However, most people who consider them heroic do so from afar; they will likely never have the opportunity to interact with their hero in real life. Jesus Christ is a most special kind of hero because he breaks through those boundaries. As many of the people commenting on this post have said, whether you believe that Jesus saved the world from their sins and provided everlasting life or not, his short life on earth set a worldwide standard for morality and selflessness. But Jesus is not a hero we just praise from afar. Christianity promises everyone an intimate relationship with God. By being both famous and close to us, Jesus is able to be a more “effective” hero than those who fall into only one category.

  13. I am not interested in the supernaturalism of Christianity, but am very interested in the study of the early history of the group. I am always happy to talk to others that are also interested in this topic. My interest specifically is up till perhaps a generation or two after Irenaeus. But I would say I am interested in anything from the Maccabean revolt up till about 384CE when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman empire.

    Cheers! RichGriese.NET/religion

  14. “I like your Christ very much. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” — Gandhi

    I love that from a girl who commented first. It is so true. Some people say they are Christians but constantly deviate from what christ was trying to do. Jesus changed the world in a small amount of time. He really is one of the greatest heros the world has had.

  15. I think that Jesus Christ was a “Hero” if anyone would like to check out this link that teaches a little bit about him and why i believe and follow his example. Another man I think falls under the “Hero” title would be a man by the name of Joseph Smith Joseph Smith, if you would like to check out this link that teaches a little about him feel free
    Thank you Brandon Lott

  16. Although I am not religious myself, I still found this post very interesting and informative. Jesus Christ clearly inspires people every day, and therefore it is important for everyone to at least learn about it legacy.

  17. Even Jesus showed in the Bible that he struggled with his destiny as a hero. His journey for 40 days in the desert, his conversation with God on the cross, and numerous other instances showed that he had to come to terms with his life. It is these key instances that give a humanistic aspect to jesus Christ which I think is very important and necessary to keep him relevant to society today.

  18. Jesus Christ is definitely my hero. As a Lord and Savior who sacrificed everything for the salvation of His friends(the whole human family) He is a hero of the greatest kind.

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