Nelson Mandela: The Ultimate Underdog Hero

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

15 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela: The Ultimate Underdog Hero

  1. In a way Mandela’s life after becoming president is more heroic than the struggles he faced during Apartheid. A lesser person after achieving political power would have been motivated by revenge or “getting even”. But Mandela didn’t. He worked to make his nation a better place, not perfect to be sure but an improvement. And that is far more than most would have done.

  2. The article is factually incorrect by saying Mandela took steps to abolish apartheid. That process started long before his release. In fact, it would be more accurate to state that the (legal) abolishment of apartheid was completed with the release of Mandela and others. You can also say that it was a miracle that more violence did not erupt during this transitional stage.

  3. Watching the end of Apartheid, the liberation of Nelson Mandela and his rise to the presidency of South Africa was one of the most amazing sequences of events that I’ve ever witnessed (and I’ve lived through some interesting times. :D). Mandela is a model of determination and endurance and, as Lupine says, Ghandi-like in his benevolence and grace. A great, great man.

  4. seeing what Mandela had to go through is very Inspirational, because him being Imprisoned for almost half his life, and still having the courage to fight for whats right, and become the President of South Africa is a strange acomplishment, being self educated by prison books, i dont think i would feel comfortable with him as my president

  5. The lesson that Mandela thought us was both a review and modern interpretation of Ghandi's non-violence peace struggle against England in 1949. Burrowing from the words of Albert Einstein: " It appears as though a man of such character did walk the earth once more to remind us of the power of forgiveness."-his name is Nelson Mandel.

    ( Original “Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.” In regard to the death of Gandhi)

  6. It’s amazing to think that Nelson Mandela could spend a good chunk of a lifetime in jail and come out a sane man is quite astonishing. Then to completely change a nation is amazing. Mandela could be called the most influential man of all time. His accomplishments after the adversity he overcame exposes his true heroism

  7. Nelson Mandela is a perfect example of a transforming hero. As an underdog fighting for equal rights, he had not one ounce of selfish motives. He laid everything out on the line and gave a huge chunk of his life to prove a point and hopefully influence change. His actions motivated and encouraged others to join the effort and push for racial equality. He is probably one of the most, if not the most, honored South African heroes.

  8. Mandela is an amazing role model for never giving up. He had every excuse in the world to give up, and he pushed through and fought for amazing things. Mandela was very unselfish in what he did and completed tasks on his own, he was his own motivator.

  9. The story of a underdog being success always inspires people a lot. That’s also the reason why I addressed Allen Iverson in the class. Unlike other heroes, who change the way people think, this kind of heroes is more inspiring. Their stories make you feel everybody can be success through perseverance. They give not only an idea, but also a hope.

  10. I actually got the chance to watch Invictus. I really liked the movie. The movie was really inspiring. Morgan Freeman played Mandela spectacular. It was really remarkable that Mandela refused to give up on the rugby team. Thanks to his unconditional support, they were able to work through the lack of fan support by believing in themselves. As a result, they continuously won games and eventually gained the support of the nation. It must have taken great strength for Mandela to suppress his anger and not look towards violence as revenge for his imprisonment. You have to be really compassionate and absolutely against violence to be able to achieve that strength.

  11. Everyone loves the story of an underdog’s path to victory, and Mandela’s is a truly incredible one. He is a true hero because despite the countless reasons he should have given up, he never did. And he ultimately accomplished his goal. I went to South Africa for a horseback riding competition in 2007, and saw for myself (having always studied about apartheid in school) the amazing changes that are to this day taking place.

  12. Nelson Mandela is one of the greatest heroes of all time. His ability to overcome such adversity is a lesson to everyone that there is nothing you cannot overcome. He never gave up on his country, this determination to never give up on what was morally right makes Mandela a true hero.

  13. I believe Nelson Mandela is one of the world’s true freedom fighters. His life’s work,and personal triumphs will be remembered long after the world has forgotten the evils of Apartheid.

  14. Nelson Mandela’s story is powerful not only because the political storm surrounding his imprisonment and Presidency, but because of what that meant in his personal life. He could have understandably harbored anger and resentment after being wrongfully imprisoned. Instead he was able to use his story and his influence to effect change in a time of great struggle. He is a hero not only for his political accomplishments, but for his strength of character as well.

  15. I think Nelson Mandela could be the ultimate underdog. His incredible perseverance and the way he was able to overcome such adversity while remaining true to himself and what he believed in is inspiring. Mandela’s compassion, strength, and success (both personal and in his work) will never be forgotten.

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