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The Nuclear Club Round Up

The Nuclear Club – Michael Kidron – London – 1981 In the advent of the nuclear age, Kidron’s map of doom intends to terrorize its audience. A perhaps exaggerated take on the 1981 world nuclear arsenal, this map makes no attempt … Continue reading

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Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture + Blog Curation

  This week’s atlas of the week, brought to you by Phaidon contains some of the foremost works of contemporary architecture grouped by location. In this arrangement, we are able to have a spacial aid to our understanding of regional … Continue reading

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The West-Indies

An ever reaching expansion of the European powers, the West-Indies hosted some of the most lucrative trade of its time. With England, France, Holland, Spain, and others vying for a share of the new world, cartography held a critical component … Continue reading

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