Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture + Blog Curation


This week’s atlas of the week, brought to you by Phaidon contains some of the foremost works of contemporary architecture grouped by location. In this arrangement, we are able to have a spacial aid to our understanding of regional and cultural canons in architecture. Far simpler still, the ability to draw lines of clear cultural dichotomy or identify the blurred cacophony of cultural diffusion makes an architectural atlas incredibly useful in understanding the world of building. You can pick up a copy at the oversize books collection in the 2nd basement level of Boatwright Library.

The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary Architecture: Comprehensive Edition. London: Phaidon Press, 2004.

And on to the blog…

Well, its not exactly a blog, but:

This collection of maps (40 of them) serves to break down all ventures of data into easily readable information. It is informative, accessible, and worth a look (I recommend the airline flight map at the very end).

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