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Joora B.

A map that is hard to interpret

This map is hard to interpret because there are too many colors that are used. The colors that came out of mixtures of pink, yellow, and blue are difficult to differentiate. The blocks are ambiguous and we cannot understand the aim of the map.

Joora Baek, Project1 Final map

This map shows the railroads and highways in Virginia. Because there are major cities shown on the map, it is easy to figure out where the railroads are located and how they connect different cities. This map is important to policy makers who want to …

Joora Baek, Project 1 screenshot Feb 25.

I am making a map of railroad in Virginia. It includes railroads in VA, amtrack railroads, and CSXT. I want to add some symbols of cities and other connected states.

Joora Baek, Project 1 proposal

Joora Baek
Project 1
The map will show the distribution of public transportation in Richmond, Virginia. It will show how easily people are able to take a subway or a bus. The number of stations and the duration of time to take the public transp…

Joora Baek, From The Swiss Cheese Map reflection

It was interesting that maps can be used as a method of political propaganda. In the article, From The Swiss Cheese Map, I could learn how Israel and Palestine argue for their rights for the lands. On the various versions of maps that came from same ar…

Policymap 1, 2

PolicyMap (1) Map with Estimated percent of Asian people without health insurance between 2009-2013. (Virginia)
PolicyMap Map with Total number of robberies reported per 100,000 people in 2013. (Chicago)