Joora Baek, From The Swiss Cheese Map reflection

It was interesting that maps can be used as a method of political propaganda. In the article, From The Swiss Cheese Map, I could learn how Israel and Palestine argue for their rights for the lands. On the various versions of maps that came from same area, I could find the significant differences like different colors and legends. I agree that map creators’ intention is represented on the maps, and it influences greatly on the audiences who watch the maps. In Koret Oslo II Map, the Palestinian community and Israeli areas were distinguished pretty equally by different colors compared to Arij Oslo II Map. According to the map design, one interest party can use the map to make the area look bigger so that they can show their authority or instigate people. People can also highlight some certain information on the map by indicating the names of area in different ways. For instance, on Geneva Initiative Map, the name of Palestine is appeared twice so that it seems like Palestine is separated into two parts having a struggle. And it threatens Israelis because the two “Palestine” is surrounding Israel so that Israel looks venerable. I like the new map that made by the author because it is pretty clear and has less errors that can be argumentative. However, it could be better if the sky-blue color could be more distinctive from the sea. It looks like Israel is on the background of Palestine. I believe we, as audiences, need an unbiased and open minded world view to correctly interpret the information on the maps and map makers need to have responsibility to make maps “closer” to the truth.