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Assignment 8

A “bad” map

One of my classes recently walked around Hollywood Cemetery to study the graves.  The cemetery layout and landscaping is beautiful – it looks like a park, but it can be hard to navigate. On the paper map, only some of the streets are labeled, t…

A map that is hard to interpret

This map is hard to interpret because there are too many colors that are used. The colors that came out of mixtures of pink, yellow, and blue are difficult to differentiate. The blocks are ambiguous and we cannot understand the aim of the map.

Matt and Ken Blunder’s Map

Mixed up the campus entrance labels
Changed the units in the scale
Changed color of the lake and its text label color
Added a building that doesn’t exist

Tyler and Ian Map Blunders

Answer Key:
Removed Gazebo
Added facilities label near right bottom corner
Removed Weinstein Center Label

Map Blunder – D.J., Ethan, Scott


Removed sports fields
Made a road the same color as a walkway
Symbols from legend are in wrong spots
Made ghost Gateway Apartments

Blunders Becca and Lena

Scroll down for answers!
Answer Key:
No dining hall label in the legend and on the map
Scale bar – ends at an awkward number
The top of the map is cut off.
The title is misspelled.
the “You are her…

Joy and Marissa’s Blunder Map


Switched Crenshaw Way and Keller Road labels.
Switched UR Drive and College Road labels.
Added toxic symbol to lake.
Added dollar sign to location of future Queally Hall.
Tilted North arrow.
Changed scale bar unit to meters.