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Assignment 5

My Map Progress . . .


My map is a reworking of the large campus map that is displayed on the information kiosk outside of the admissions office. Much of my work has been simplifying polygons by deleting/rearranging vectors while still keeping the basic shape …

Project 1 Progress

I wanted to display the correlation between lack of vaccination and vaccine-preventable outbreaks but the data that I had did not present a correlation on my map. Because most of the affected people during the 2014-2015 measles outbreaks were greater t…

Joora Baek, Project 1 screenshot Feb 25.

I am making a map of railroad in Virginia. It includes railroads in VA, amtrack railroads, and CSXT. I want to add some symbols of cities and other connected states.

My Campus Map

Brown- Residential
Green- Sports Facility
Light Blue- Greek Life
Yellow- Other

Ian G. Project Screenshot

Diabetes rates in Virginia – darker shaded areas have higher rates of diabetes incidence per 1000 residents.