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Assignment 5, Page 2

Tulley River Map Draft

Here is a draft of my map.  Right now I am very bothered by the large amount of green in the bottom left corner…any suggestions??

Project Progress – 2/23/16


Hey all! Here’s my progress on the James floodplain map I’ve been working on. It still needs quite a bit of work – but the floodplain layers are in and it’s starting to take shape!

Single Stall Map Progress

Today in class I worked on my single stall map, quickly realizing that a lot of what I want to do (show where in a building a restroom is located, include nearest accessible entrance) is not going to be possible for the paper map. That much information…

Lena – Project progress

I am mapping the rate of discharge in hospitals caused by Asthma in age group 0-17yrs.
In Onondaga, NY