Single Stall Map Progress

Today in class I worked on my single stall map, quickly realizing that a lot of what I want to do (show where in a building a restroom is located, include nearest accessible entrance) is not going to be possible for the paper map. That much information would simply make it too busy, but I’m still hoping to include that on the final project. For now, here’s the progress I’ve made.

Not done, but good progress!

Not done, but good progress!

I’ve rotated campus, removed sidewalks and parking lots (although I may add those back in), separated out buildings that do and do not have single-stall restrooms, and added building labels. I still need to figure out how/where to include the list of building names & restroom locations, and make sure to add a legend and north arrow. I’m also not happy about how much of the page is taken up by the printer margin. Still plenty of work to be done!

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