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Spring 2016


Storymap – D.J. Helkowski

Link –

Web App: UR Downtown Shuttle

My web app is not saving online but if you use your imagination really well you could ride the UR Downtown Shuttle to our city campus.

Rizza's GeoVisMaps Blog 2016-04-19 10:43:40

The foreign born population and the Latino population are two groups that don’t tend to have great access to healthcare in the United States. Some barriers that hinder these groups from accessing healthcare are lack of insurance and cost. Free cl…

Online Map: Top 10 Restaurants in Richmond

Here is the link to my StoryMap:
My map shows the top 10 restaurants in Richmond according to Trip Advisor. The location of each restaurant is shown, along with a picture of the restaurant and a short description of the restaura…

Hollywood Cemetery

Last year, Dr. Winiarski’s students created digital story projects based on unique graves in Richmond’s historic Hollywood Cemetery. This web mapping application allows for the videos to be embedded in the informative section on one side of…