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Spring 2016, Page 3

Interactive Web Map

Using ArcGIS Online, I was able to create an interactive map of poverty trends within the Richmond, VA region for the past quarter century.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Richmond Region Poverty 1990-2014


Final Map – Life Expectancy in Richmond

This map aims to highlight the disparity of life expectancy within a 5 mile radius of Richmond.  The legend shows the overall averages of each county within Richmond, with red being the shortest life spans because it stands out.  However, I wanted t…

A map that is hard to interpret

This map is hard to interpret because there are too many colors that are used. The colors that came out of mixtures of pink, yellow, and blue are difficult to differentiate. The blocks are ambiguous and we cannot understand the aim of the map.

Bad map leads to demolition of wrong house!

There’s nothing worse than relying on an incorrect map! Read about this example that used Google Maps below: