Joora Baek, Project 1 proposal

Joora Baek


Project 1
The map will show the distribution of public transportation in Richmond, Virginia. It will show how easily people are able to take a subway or a bus. The number of stations and the duration of time to take the public transportation can be considered to make a more valuable map. The audience of the map can be working people, students, visitors, and everyone who are interested in taking public transportation in Richmond. Policy makers also can use this map to see if they need to build more subway or bus stations for the public. Private transportation companies would also be interested because it is related to their business. Map will be presented on CartoDB and I will display public transportation stations on the map of Richmond with dots and I will indicate the accessibility of public transportation using different density of colors. The projection of the map will be zoomed in to Richmond area, and there will be roads on the map showing the paths of public transportation.

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