Joora Baek, Why am I taking this course and what I expect to learn from this course.


Joora Baek


The reason I am taking the class, Introduction to Maps and Geospatial Technology, is that I think maps are ones of the most beautiful and useful inventions in the world; therefore, I want to know more about them. In addition, I wanted to improve my GIS skill that I learned in my freshman year from Introduction to Geographic Information System. Thanks to Dr. Scrivani and other class assistants who work at the Spatial Analysis Lab, I learned how to make maps and design maps that have useful information using GIS program. From that learning, I could see how the maps are related to our daily lives and how useful they are because I could figure out the special information in certain locations.

One day one my friends why am I majoring in Geography although there is no more need to develop maps. His question made me think about why do I want to major in Geography and why it is important to create more maps. Now I can answer him that there are needs to make and develop maps because people have not made a perfect map and there are always errors and distortion interpreting real world on a paper. And as the society requires more and more information, the role of maps is getting important in a variety of places and occasions. We need more specialized maps that include different information for different occasions.

In Introduction to GIS class, I learned how to interpret the environmental impacts on clear cuts in Virginia. I found it is interesting and it is used for many purposes to establish some policies and make decisions to use the lands. I want to know more about GIS and applying the skills in real life. From class GEOG 280, I am expecting that I can interpret maps and use the geographic data. I will get some useful information related to my major and future jobs while I am working on Geography major students, professors, and tutors. I wish I can continue studying Geography and find more interest in it. By working and cooperating with classmates, I will get to know the people who are interested in maps, visualization of information and geospatial technology. It will be a great opportunity to broaden my perspective and get to know each other through the course.

I also wish I can do a further research during the summer or winter break about the geospatial technology or an internship about National Parks in United States of America. If there is a chance, I would like to cooperate with some faculty member and students and study more about the topics. I believe it is always better to learn with people who have same interest so that I can develop myself more than when I study alone. I am aiming to extend my viewpoint towards the world and share experiences related to Geography and Environmental Studies with people who I may meet in this class.

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