National Geographic Encyclopedic Entries

The National Geographic encyclopedic entries page is a really useful tool for our Physical geography class since it provides various entries on class related concepts like hot spots, El Nino, earth’s crusts, continental drift, etc. It’s really easy to use, you can either enter the topic you are interested in looking for or just scroll down the pages looking for it. Each entry provides a set of images, definitions, animations, videos, background information, related material and even useful sources that connect to other articles about the subject.  There’s even a complete vocabulary tap that expands on explaining each key term’s definition and use. This would be a really useful tool to study for our final exam since you can search in a more interactive way concepts that you feel you need to look up more information about.

4 thoughts on “National Geographic Encyclopedic Entries

  1. This website is a great resource for not just our class, but for the whole world to learn more about geography in an informal and easily accessible way. The definitions are clear and concise, and the visuals really help further understanding of each term. Looking through the list of vocabulary, I see a lot of terminology we have used this past semester. This website will definitely help with studying for our final!

  2. Wow! One more reason to love National Geographic! This is definitely a great resource for class and our final exam. I think it’s remarkable how much of a following National Geographic has gained; it speaks to the universal fascination with geography and the many ways that exist to understand our planet. In addition to the useful definitions, I think this website does a great job of providing a plethora of pictures and real-life examples, which makes reviewing concepts of physical geography that we discuss in class a more refreshing experience.

  3. Wow, this is an awesome find. One of the first terms on I saw on the site was keystone species, which we just learned about last class when we saw the video of wolves’ reintroduction to Yellowstone National Park. Talk about relevant! This will be my go-to site to look up anything and everything geography.

  4. This is a very nice resource. It has information for just about everything related to physical geography that we would need to know. Each entry provides some striking visuals to help remember the concepts more thoroughly. Links to other articles and databases are also helpful. Many include maps or links to map or GIS resources from USGS. The entries include a lot of detail and good links to other entries if you wanted to research the concepts more thoroughly. Very useful!

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