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Internship Reflection Week 5

  1. Posted all social media content
  2. Created content for future posts on social media outlets
    1. Researched job data
    2. Researched available job positions
    3. Researched related news stories
  3. Wrote articles for website
  4. Collaborated with other intern on content and projects
  5. Analyzed social media statistics


This week, I have learned the importance of tagging companies in social media posts.  I had considered hashtags to expand the audiences that view our content, but had not taken advantage of the similar use of tagging.  This way, people who look up certain companies will see our content that relates, widening the audience.  One of our recent Instagram posts did 80% better than past posts, likely as a result of the incorporation of the color blue, a tag of the company, and its relatedness to the specific counties of our company (  This exemplifies my further findings regarding color and relatability, as well as the beneficial effects of tagging companies in related posts.  This week, I also learned that repetition can sometimes be effective.  By this, I don’t mean posting the same thing twice a day or even twice a month, but posting the same content across various platforms and a repetition on the same platform a few months after the first.  This not only expands the audience and emphasizes its importance, but seeing something that is familiar can be comforting and draw attention to the post.  It can create an overall sense of familiarity that connects people to the content and the company, while allowing information to be better understood and remembered.

Internship Refelction Week 4

  1. Created content for future posts on social media outlets
    1. Researched job data
    2. Researched available job positions
    3. Researched company events
    4. Researched company success stories
  2. Researched best ways to promote social media outlets
  3. Collaborated with other intern on content and how to best achieve company goals
  4. Researched effective marketing techniques

This week, I have furthered my understanding that people respond well to things that they can relate to, as they feel as if they can experience a similar situation themselves.  In researching job data, I try to stay specific to the particular counties we service, where our audience can gain a clear understanding of the job market that specifically relates to them.  I also learned that charts and graphs can be really helpful in conveying information to  a particular audience, especially throughout social media where content can often get lost and overlooked, as it places it into a more easily readable form.  In a similar manner, I have found that people are more drawn to images than to simple words throughout their feed, and research has shown that people are more likely to remember content that included some sort of image or video.  Therefore, I have begun to make an effort to provide images relating to the social media content that can be posted in conjunction in order to achieve the best results.  As a result of last weeks findings, I have been attempting to find images that are largely red, or even blue, to capture and hold the attention of our audience.


Internship Reflection Week 3

  1. Posted all social media content
  2. Created content for future social media posts
    1. Researched company events
    2. Researched job data
    3. Researched available jobs
    4. Researched company success stories
    5. Researched recent related news articles
  3. Collaborated with other intern on Careers in 2 Years video promotions

This week, I have learned that red is the most popular color for marketing/advertising campaigns, as it attracts and holds attention due to its relation to excitement, strength, and passion.  Red tends to appeal more to women, while men are often attracted to the color blue, making it a second highly effective color, conveying a sense of peace and trust.  After learning this, I tried to choose a variety of blue and red images to correlate with the information I had found for future social media posts.  It will be interesting to see if there is a better reaction to these images in comparison to other images that may not have stuck out as much.  I also learned that unemployed people are often more attracted to certain types of jobs, particularly because of their lack of education and experience.  This is important to keep in mind when searching for job ads to post, as there are thousands just in the area this company provides services in.  I also found that people are often more willing to take the time to look into and/or apply to positions within companies that they have heard of, which further provides insight into which available jobs I should choose to post to our social media.


Internship Reflection Week 2

  1. Created content for future posts on social media outlets
    1. Researched company events
    2. Researched job data
  2. Wrote articles to be published on website
  3. Researched current news relating to company goals that can be shared with followers
  4. Researched success stories of those who have taken advantage of our services to share with potential clients
  5. Explored other similar company sites and social media platforms to see what they have been posting and how they go about reaching their audiences
  6. Reviewed our past social media posts to see what people best responded to
  7. Promoted social media outlets

This week, I have learned the importance of hashtags, relatability, and consistency throughout marketing campaigns.  Hashtags are a valuable resource that connect certain information together in one location.   The use of hashtags will allow others to easily navigate from our presented information to other related info, while simultaneously offering information that can be found when looking up the hashtag.  This is a way of getting our posts to be viewed in higher quantities, as well as directing our audience to similar information shared by like companies.  Similarly, I found it beneficial to keep consistent hashtags so that people are well-aware of our contents implications and can use one click (the hashtag) to access like information. I also learned the importance of knowing and appealing to certain audiences, as relatable content is often more favorable by audiences.  For example, Instagram typically has a younger audience, so it is beneficial to choose content that would appeal more to that particular sector of career development seekers.  Lastly, I realized the importance of physical appeal, as observations of our most well-received posts revealed that certain images that were more appealing to the eye caught the attention of our audiences more consistently.  This will all be beneficial in creating content for future posts and widening, engaging, and maintaining our audiences.

Internship Reflection Week 1

  1. Researched related data, news, etc. that relates to our company goals
    1. Created content for future social media posting based on findings
  2. Researched ways to gain more followers on social media platforms
    1. Followed other accounts with similar goals and whom we follow on other platforms
  3. Researched ways to promote our new Instagram
  4. Coordinated a schedule with the other current intern for projects and future plans
  5. Posted social media content for the week
  6. Favortied and retweeted important info shared on Twitter by other similar accounts
  7. Wrote articles to be published on website
  8. Researched related Awareness Months to promote

Through my work this week, I have realized firsthand the benefits of working closely with others within the company, as well as reaching out to a broader group of people within the sector as a whole.  This way, a vast array of information can be presented to our audiences, while allowing different approaches to be shared that are beneficial to creating a wholesome marketing campaign.  I also realized the importance of seeking outside sources for assistance in creating a more successful marketing campaign, as this research can help you learn what does and doesn’t work for other companies with similar end goals, using this as a guide for your own company rather than testing everything on your own.  After research, I better understand how media communications intertwine with one another and the importance of these relationships, as well as the effects certain content has on particular audiences.

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