1. Posted all social media content
  2. Created content for future posts
    1. Researched job data
    2. Researched available jobs
    3. Researched different career development opportunities, including local events
    4. Researched job-seeker strategies
    5. Researched success stories of past clients
    6. Researched high priority occupations
  3. Wrote articles for website
    1. Researched recent news articles relating to workforce
  4. Analyzed content interactions
    1. Researched why certain content may be generating more interaction than others
  5. Researched ways to gain more social media followers
    1. Searched for more pages with similar offerings and goals to follow
  6. Researched new social media content strategies


This week, I learned the importance of numbers of post per day, varying by social media platform.  According to studies, tweets begin to lose engagement after the third tweet in one day, and the response per tweet ratio drops drastically after five tweets.  Some professionals suggest tweeting upwards of 15 per day in order to receive the most interaction (since the average lifespan of a tweet is 18 minutes), but most suggest between 1 and 5.  Within our team, we have decided to keep new content posts to two per day, but this information can be useful when determining how much content to retweet/share.  Similarly, studies have shown that posting every other day to once a day on Facebook warrants the best responses, as it has been shown that brands often lose 50% of clicks per post when there was more than one post in one day.  These same studies showed that businesses posting only 1-5 posts per month actually had the best interaction results.  As a company, we have decided to limit our posts to once a week, averaging four per month, which aligns with the suggested number to achieve the best results.  Knowing this, we also know to limit any re-sharing that is done on Facebook, as it may lower our interaction rate.  While Instagram’s interaction rates largely correlate with audience size, smaller businesses such as ours are suggested to limit posts to 1-2 per day, as more than this loses attention.  At the beginning of my internship, I decided to post twice a day every two days, but with this new information, as well as the reality of Twitter and Instagram being our largest platforms, I think I will propose and hopefully begin to post 1-2 every day.  However, I have read that jumping from one set number to another can disengage an audience, so we would have to be careful if we did decide to make this change.  Lastly, research shows that frequency of LinkedIn posts does not matter as much as content (keeping it professional), but at least one and no more than two posts a day is recommended by experts.  At first, I had been posting once a week, but realized that we began to lose engagement the less often we posted.  With this new information, I think I will begin to post a little bit more frequently, probably around two per week to start.