1. Posted all social media content
  2. Created content for future posts
    1. Researched job data
    2. Researched available jobs
    3. Researched different career development opportunities, including those offered by our company
    4. Researched local workforce-related events
    5. Researched recent news articles relating to workforce
  3. Wrote articles for website
    1. Researched recent news articles relating to workforce
  4. Analyzed content interactions and why certain content may be generating more interaction than others
  5. Researched new ways to gain more followers


This week while researching ways for businesses to gain more followers, I learned the importance of reaching out to and interacting with users.  Particularly, it may be useful to respond to people who are in search of services similar to those of which we offer.  This will not only spread the word about our company’s offerings, but will also likely gain us new followers.  To go about this, this approach goes back to a previous researched strategy of relevant hashtags, which we can search to help us find people that may be interested in our services.  While some companies choose to reach out through means of direct messaging, I think it would be more efficient to respond to a tweet/post.  That way, it is less creepy, and other people viewing the post can see the comment and get word about our company as well, or even respond/retweet the post. This strategy relates a lot to sharing user generated content, as it will have similar effects of creating a relationship and a newfound sense of comfort and trust with the company.  The most important thing to note is to keep interactions relevant and appropriate, as we are striving for this sense of trust rather than a sense of discomfort that can often come when random people reach out.  In a similar manner, it should be kept conversational rather than formal so that it is not seen as spam or an automated form of an advertisement, which will just stray people away from following or exploring our company.