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This week, while researching new social media content strategies, I learned that a good strategy is to appeal to audiences’ personal lives in connection to the point you’re trying to get across. For example, some companies will appeal to aspects of families in the promotion of their products.  For us, it may simply look like asking them on a more personal level whether they have experience in a certain area, or have a certain interest (see linked example, which gained more interaction than is  typical. https://twitter.com/SCPAWorks/status/1067641675206533120).  This strategy can result in audiences feeling more connected to and comfortable with a company, knowing that they actually care enough to dive deeper than simple statistics to appeal to them and their lives.  In regards to comfort, personal appeals of audiences can help them feel a sense of belonging and security with the company.  Specifically within our industry, this personal appeal can provide hope for people that are searching for career development, knowing that there are available opportunities for people like them.  Recently, I have been trying to use more personal appeals after gaining this knowledge, but not overuse them so that people who cannot relate feel excluded.