1. Posted all social media content
  2. Created content for future posts
    1. Researched job data
    2. Researched available jobs
    3. Researched different career development opportunities, including those offered by our company
    4. Researched local workforce-related events
  3. Wrote articles for website
    1. Researched recent news articles relating to workforce
  4. Researched marketing/communications business strategies
    1. Researched ways to ross-promote in order to get our current Twitter followers to follow our other social media outlets
  5. Improved LinkedIn homepage to be more appealing to viewers to hopefully gain more visits and/or followers


This week, I learned the importance of cross-promoting our social media pages in order to gain as many followers as possible.  In the past, I have attempted to cross-promote amongst our social media pages by posting flyers (ex: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bqv6U7VhQHv/) but it got literally zero response, so we need to find a new way to get our followers from one page to another. Since I just created our Instagram page over the summer, not many people currently know it exists, but would greatly benefit from our posts.  Through research, I have found that one way to spread awareness about other sites is to add social tabs to Facebook pages, so when viewers are browsing around, they can easily access our other forms of social media from there.  Other ways to do so could include adding a link to our Instagram to our website, adding our social media handles to all employee signatures and monthly newsletters, show all of our social media handles in cover photos of each platform, creating a Facebook photo album that highlights each individual social media platform, which will stand out to the viewer, and to share content or refer an audience to content from another site.  I plan on implementing this last approach by the end of the month, so hopefully we will start to see some success in getting our followers from one platform to another.