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This week, I learned the importance of sharing user generated content in promoting companies.  Sharing information created by the customer makes the services it offers more real and relatable, allowing audience members to see their benefits from people just like them, likely allowing for an increase in their sense of trust of the company.  It also positions the company as in line with customers, not above them, working with them to reach end results.  Sharing client’s success stories conveys the effectiveness of our services through firsthand accounts, spotlighting both the services and customers in a positive light.  Using personal customer accounts also brings in new members to our audience, page, and offered services, such as people that know the person the shared content would pertain to.  Studies show that UGC draws more interaction and attention, as is evident through our personal sharings of UGC.  For example, one of our Instagram posts about a personal customer experience led to the following tweet https://twitter.com/lsholubec/status/1042771777502494721 which further allowed interaction, a spreading of the word and likely increase in audience members, and evidence of the created relationship amongst customer, provider, and company.  UGC also encourages engagement with the company, showing that we care about our customers and want to hear from them and interact with them regarding their experiences.  It also helps us to get to know our audience better, mostly what they find to be beneficial within our company’s offerings, which can be useful in creating future social media post content.