1. Posted all social media content
  2. Created content for future posts
    1. Researched job data
    2. Researched available jobs
    3. Researched different career development opportunities
    4. Researched National Apprenticeship Week and events/programs offered
    5. Researched programs we offer
    6. Researched company events
  3. Wrote articles for website
    1. Researched recent news articles relating to workforce
  4. Analyzed content interactions
    1. Researched why certain content may be generating more interaction that others, especially in relation to past research of colors, hashtags, etc.
  5. Researched ways to gain more social media followers
    1. Researched geotags as a way to broaden audience and spread word of our offerings
  6. Created email template for email blast that will be sent to promote a program
    1. Researched program


This week I looked into the effects of geotagging locations in Instagram posts.  Using geotags not only allows people to search particular locations and find our events, but also allows people to see our events on a map after viewing the Instagram post.  Clicking on geotags on our posts will also refer users back to other posts that have the same geotag, showing them other offered opportunities and success stories of past clients.  Geotags allow clients or other business to tag locations for related posts to refer them back to us, where viewers of these posts can be directed to our page to see our other offerings.  For example, if a client attends one of our events and shares a photo, they can geotag the location of the event, which will further spread the word about our services and their locations, as well as allow us to interact with those who are posting.  Geotags can also be useful in finding interests of the community, as searching the most popular recently used geotags in the area can offer insight into these interests.  This can be useful for future social media posts that can be catered to these interests, or even hosting events at these popular locations in order to broaden our audiences and further spread the word about our offerings.

Ex: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmJGZmfj6VI/