1. Researched related data, news, etc. that relates to our company goals
    1. Created content for future social media posting based on findings
  2. Researched ways to gain more followers on social media platforms
    1. Followed other accounts with similar goals and whom we follow on other platforms
  3. Researched ways to promote our new Instagram
  4. Coordinated a schedule with the other current intern for projects and future plans
  5. Posted social media content for the week
  6. Favortied and retweeted important info shared on Twitter by other similar accounts
  7. Wrote articles to be published on website
  8. Researched related Awareness Months to promote

Through my work this week, I have realized firsthand the benefits of working closely with others within the company, as well as reaching out to a broader group of people within the sector as a whole.  This way, a vast array of information can be presented to our audiences, while allowing different approaches to be shared that are beneficial to creating a wholesome marketing campaign.  I also realized the importance of seeking outside sources for assistance in creating a more successful marketing campaign, as this research can help you learn what does and doesn’t work for other companies with similar end goals, using this as a guide for your own company rather than testing everything on your own.  After research, I better understand how media communications intertwine with one another and the importance of these relationships, as well as the effects certain content has on particular audiences.