1. Posted all social media content
  2. Created content for future social media posts
    1. Researched company events
    2. Researched job data
    3. Researched available jobs
    4. Researched company success stories
    5. Researched recent related news articles
  3. Collaborated with other intern on Careers in 2 Years video promotions

This week, I have learned that red is the most popular color for marketing/advertising campaigns, as it attracts and holds attention due to its relation to excitement, strength, and passion.  Red tends to appeal more to women, while men are often attracted to the color blue, making it a second highly effective color, conveying a sense of peace and trust.  After learning this, I tried to choose a variety of blue and red images to correlate with the information I had found for future social media posts.  It will be interesting to see if there is a better reaction to these images in comparison to other images that may not have stuck out as much.  I also learned that unemployed people are often more attracted to certain types of jobs, particularly because of their lack of education and experience.  This is important to keep in mind when searching for job ads to post, as there are thousands just in the area this company provides services in.  I also found that people are often more willing to take the time to look into and/or apply to positions within companies that they have heard of, which further provides insight into which available jobs I should choose to post to our social media.