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This week, I have learned the importance of avoiding controversial topics. If content, especially in article summaries, reflects something that could be controversial, viewers may avoid reading the post, and possibly even shut down from seeking out future posts. In addition, readers may associate the company with certain sides of the controversy, again, possibly deflecting their interest if they think the company leans one way or the other. For example, I have found articles discussing some recent actions of the Trump Administration relating to education and the economy, but just seeing certain words, such as “Trump,” may spark certain emotions and or assumptions. Although he is simply our President, many people may see an article dedicated to the review of his related actions as supporting him just by acknowledging it, rather than it just being a reality that affects the education and workforce sectors. With news and media being so politically focused and biased in this century, it is difficult to find an excess amount of up-to-date articles that are completely uncontroversial, but we can make an effort to rewrite them and present them in a way that does not limit our potential audience in any way.