1. Researched and updated company events on website
  2. Met with other intern to get up to speed on company projects
  3. Reached out to partner companies of projects to set up meetings
  4. Created future social media content
    1. Researched job data
    2. Researched available jobs
    3. Researched related news articles
    4. Researched company success stories
    5. Researched different job opportunities, as well as educational and training services offered by partner companies
  5. Posted content on all social media outlets
  6. Wrote articles for website


This week, I have learned that the best time to post content on Facebook is noon, while the most content is shared between 1 and 3pm. In addition, the best days of the week to post are Thursdays and Fridays, which see the most traffic. With a younger overall audience, studies show that the best time for companies to post on Instagram is 5pm on Wednesday, while Monday at 7pm and 10pm and Friday at 1am and 8pm are also times of high viewership. Studies show that the best time to post on Twitter is 3pm Monday-Friday, and the best times to post on the more business-oriented platform of LinkedIn are 7:45am, 10:45am, 12:45pm, and 5:45pm. This information is beneficial in reaching the largest audience to get our content across, as well as ensure consistency as previously discussed. We have not been getting great responses to our posts recently, so I have begun an attempt to readjust the schedule in order to ensure the most viewership.

Ex posted at said time, drawing much more attention than is typical: