USSR Energy Atlas and Some Interesting Facts about Soviet Mapping

The first link at the top of the post regards the actual Atlas itself, which is something I stumbled upon that is also part of the CIA database regarding the USSR’s Energy Sources. It’s worth taking a look and seeing how the United States interpreted and responded to the Soviet Union’s energy efforts. A lot of the information is listed in charts or graphs, but there are a good deal of cool maps as well.

I also included a link for “The Soviet Atlas as a Source” (second) and its synopsis (third), a very interesting CIA Intelligence Study into Soviet cartography. What interested me most about this is how the CIA noted the “cartographic excellence” of these compendiums and how the United States possesses nothing comparable. It goes to show that, despite the quasi “race” for technological advancement between the Soviet Union and United States in the Cold War, there existed an appreciation for the other side. After all, they were two of the most influential nations of the 20th Century, so they had to be doing something right.

-Bryan C. Carapucci

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