Atlas of the Week: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Trust me, the inside is much more exciting than the cover indicates.

The famous Lewis and Clark expedition was the first American expedition to explore the western Louisiana and Spanish Territories. Commissioned by then president Thomas Jefferson, the expedition started in May 1804 and ended in September 1806. The expedition’s purpose was to map out the newly acquired Louisiana Territory, to find a more efficient and straightforward route across the Western territory, and to fulfill America’s manifest destiny by staking a claim for the US. The Atlas of the Expedition of Lewis and Clark documents in extreme detail the intricacies of the Western territory. The Atlas, bigger than my torso in size, contains hand-drawn maps created by William Clark himself. If anyone is interested, the Atlas happens to sell on Amazon for around $1,950, but I found one on sale for $250. I would highly recommend giving this historic Atlas, dating back around two hundred years, a chance.

-Sarah Abel

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