Ellen DeGeneres: Heroic Comedienne and Underdog Advocate

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

16 thoughts on “Ellen DeGeneres: Heroic Comedienne and Underdog Advocate

  1. Thank you Scott and George for writing this article on Ellen and including her under two categories. Such a detailed article. Ellen truly is a Hero.

  2. Ellen DeGeneres just seems like a genuinely nice person. It’s easy to believe that she is so actively involved in these causes. Anybody who uses their own success to help others to that extent definitely qualifies as a hero. 🙂

  3. Ellen DeGeneres has accomplished many things in her life. Anything she wants she achieves through hard work, determination, and of course a little comedic humor as well. Not only does she have one of the most successful talk shows on the air today, she also is an activist for many prominent causes and donates enormous amounts of money to a myriad of charities. Ellen DeGeneres is a perfect example of a hero who uses her celebrity success to make the world a better place.

  4. I am always impressed when famous celebrities use their fame to not just promote themselves, but a cause dear to them. Ellen DeGeneres has definitely done that. She is also an example of a hero who did not reach her status immediately. She faced great adversity on many levels, beginning within herself. I really liked her commencement speech; it was very characteristic of her: advocating something with a loud voice and a sense of humor.

  5. Ellen is awesome, strong, and inspiring, and uses her influence for good and just causes. I commend her for her bravery in coming out and being open about her homosexuality in a society that still finds homosexuality to be a controversial topic. She is also a great female role model who shows that you can use your skill to achieve fame, not just attractiveness or other qualities that society deems appropriate.

  6. Ellen is one of the most charismatic and caring people I have ever seen. Her TV show alone expresses her love of life and also her bravery. To stand up for something society disagrees with is heroic, and her strength and positivity is uplifting.

  7. I love Ellen and have watched her show many times. She’s someone who you can tell is truly a genuine and hilarious person, and I’m so glad that she’s been recognized for her heroic qualities. Though I was familiar with Ellen’s activism in the realm of gay rights, I had no idea how involved she is in various other charities and organizations. It’s great to know that there are celebrities in the world that put their fame to good use, and give back to the society that gave them their popularity in the first place. Ellen definitely deserves the title of a hero.

  8. I have always been a fan of Ellen. Not necessarily because she is entertaining but because she uses her star power and money to advocate for the marginalized individuals of our society. That is what makes her heroic to me.

  9. I became a fan of Ellen when she wa sthe voice of Dory from Finding Nemo. I loved reading this blog about her. I had no idea how active Ellen was in helping not only people but animals too. I think it is truely heroic that she uses her fame to better the lives others.

  10. When I saw a blog post written on Ellen DeGeneres, I had to read it! She is one of my favorite talk show hosts because of her humor, but after reading this post I respect her even more. It is always commendable when a celebrity uses his or her fame and fortune for the benefit of others, and Ellen’s efforts in the various areas she promotes and helps through her volunteering is respectable. I believe she has made an influential difference on the lives of homosexuals, as well as the lives she has touched through the many organizations she donates to.

  11. One of my favorite comedians. Such a strong woman who had truly gone through a lot in her life. But her charismatic personality is what really makes Ellen such an amazing person. She is always so great with everyone on her show, it just seems like she could be anyones best friend. Thats what i really love about Ellen.

  12. Ellen is a hero in my eyes not only because of all she does in the activism realm, but also because she is someone who society may have wanted to shoot down as becoming such a prominent figure and just could not resist her. Her personality, her humor, and, yes, her sassy personality all but forced America to fall in love with her when many people may not have totally agreed with everything she stood for. Her courage and charisma make her infinitely heroic in my book.

  13. Ellen Degeneres is an admirable hero. She is soemone that has inspired other people throguh her humanitarian causes. It is admirable that she has dedicated her life to improving the lives od disadvantages children, animals, and cancer survivors. Her moral acts shows that she is selfless, which is an important attribute in the “Great Eight”. I also think it is inspiring how she amde her homosexuality public. She was not afraid to be judged on an issue so controversial, and I’m sure made many homosexuals feel more comfortable with their sexuality.

  14. How can you not love Ellen?! Her humor and personality are captivating, and I appreciate her appropriate lack of filter. But what I truly admire about Ellen is her selfless and dedicated activism for a variety of charities, involving both people and animals. I have a great amount of respect for the way in which Ellen is so honest about who she is and what she stands for and how she uses her fortune to help others.

  15. Ellen just seems to be so comfortable in her own skin. That’s what I like best about her! She seems like she would be a lot of fun to hang with. And her comedy is so family friendly. There’s just nothing to be said about her but nice things in my opinion.

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