Mae Jemison: Living Heroic Dreams

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

10 thoughts on “Mae Jemison: Living Heroic Dreams

  1. I love the line, “She is the embodiment of the spirit that will take us to the stars.” This is true literally, and figuratively. We need more heroes like Mae Jemison!

  2. I agree, scotty; we definitely need more people like Mae Jemison. We also need a society that better appreciates her standard of accomplishments.

    Lupy, you’re right. It hardly seems possible that one person could do so much. She amazes me. 😀

  3. Mae is a great inspiration to everybody in the world. She showed people that anything's possible. If you want something bad enough, and put all your effort into it, that no goal is un-reachable.

  4. Mae is the embodiment of the “follow your heart” mentality. she managed to not only live out her childhood dreams of space travel and of becoming a doctor as well as her later dreams of becoming a dancer and creating several dances. she is truly inspirational.

  5. What is heroic about Mae Jemison is that she has no limitations; she is her own trend setter. She does the things in her life that will bring her happiness. Whether it is as simple as opening her own dance studio or as audacious as being the first African American astronaut; she creates her own happiness. This is a really heroic and admirable quality in Mae Jemison because it is easy for people to choose a career path that seems prestigious and impressive, even if that doesn’t bring the person happiness. Mae Jemison manages to be successful in career, while making herself happy at the same time.

  6. Wow, what an extremely accomplished and talented individual! Mae Jemison wonderfully illustrates that when your imagination is set towards the sky, nothing is impossible! I think what is especially heroic about Ms. Jemison is that after she accomplished her dreams she continued to work hard to be a good role model to help others achieve their own dreams.

  7. I like the line at the beginning of the blog post that says “sometimes a life will grow to heroic proportions.” I think that is such an important concept to understand. Mae Jemison is a regular person (well, except for her extremely high intelligence) who had a lot of ambitions and wanted them to be realized. So often I think that people don’t see themselves as heroes because they haven’t had a moment of crisis or a call to action. But really, anyone can be a hero and do great things if they believe in themselves. If everyone thought this way, we’d have a lot more heroes and heroic acts in society!

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