Edgar Allan Poe: American Literary Giant

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

4 thoughts on “Edgar Allan Poe: American Literary Giant

  1. Edgar Allen Poe is a hero to writers such as myself because he’s an inspiration; he is literary proof of the heights and depths that Human talent can reach. We pour over each story and poem, each rich sentence, every mellifluous turn of phrase, all the molten golden metaphors and exquisitely chosen words and we dream that one day something as profound and immortal as “The Raven” will emerge from our fingertips. Because of Poe, we know that this is possible.

  2. The works of Edgar Allen Poe became some of the most well regarded in the literary world because his works use such vivid detail of the human thought process. because the details tend to revolve around the realm of the character’s thoughts instead of the physical details, Poe’s works become very relatable and emotional powerful. his ability to create these unique literary experiences allow Poe to be considered a literary genius and an undoubted hero to aspiring writers

  3. Poe is the last person Id expect to be seen as a hero. His literary works are undoubtedly great but the constant inner turmoil he lived in should not be replicated. How far should heroic selflessness extend? Is it worth sacrificing a limb or an organ? What about a soul or a mind? Where does it end?

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