Florence Nightingale: The Heroic Lady With the Lamp

Oops!  We had to remove the hero profile you’re looking for because it appears in our book Heroic Leadership: An Influence Taxonomy of 100 Exceptional Individuals, published by Routledge in 2013.

Our contract at Routledge required us to remove many of our profiles on our blog.  But we do have other hero profiles and information about heroes on the menu bar located on the right side of this page.  Check it out!

In the mean time, please accept our apologies.


— Scott Allison and George Goethals

2 thoughts on “Florence Nightingale: The Heroic Lady With the Lamp

  1. I like the inclusion of nicknames. They do capture the essence of the person’s character.

  2. Her modern-day nickname could be “The Queen of Quality Improvement.” 😀 As someone who worked in that field for a number of years, I can especially appreciate Florence Nightingale’s accomplishments; the debt the entire practice of medicine owes to her cannot be understated. There’s a good reason that her name is synonymous with compassion, nurturing and healing. As heroes go, no one in History could be more iconic.

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