George Washington Carver: The Humble and Ingenious Hero

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

3 thoughts on “George Washington Carver: The Humble and Ingenious Hero

  1. For all the recognition Carver got he frankly deserves even more. This man had a freakish amount of talent.

  2. Yes, he was truly amazing. In the dictionary, next to the term “Renaissance Man” they should have his picture; comparisons to da Vinci are not unfounded. If you wrote about a character like him in a story, he’d be considered too unbelievable.

    But not only was he a genius, he was also a giant of a Human being. Humble, generous, caring, compassionate. He is both an inspiration and an impeccable role model.

  3. George Washington Carver was a genius. A pure hero of the South during a time when racism was prevalent, he helped farmers regain the soil that they lost during the Civil War. His creations are amazing for a person of that time to discover these inventions, with peanuts, pecans, sweet potatoes and soybeans, is remarkable. He taught eight virtues for his students that the nation should live by because we all are consumed with a hunger for fame.

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