Monica Seles: Tennis Hero and Tragedienne

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

5 thoughts on “Monica Seles: Tennis Hero and Tragedienne

  1. It’s tragic indeed how one lone lunatic can kick the props out from under someone like that, changing the entire course of their life. I certainly agree that the attacker didn’t get the sentence he deserved, but that should not have ruined her career; unfortunately, fair or not, such a trauma can cause extensive damage to someone’s psyche, undermining their entire sense of self.

    While Monica Seles’s talent and accomplishments were impressive, they were not really heroic; but overcoming the damage her attacker did to her life surely is.

  2. I honesty have never heard of Monica Seles, until I read this blog. I am a huge tennis fan and to win and participate in that many grand slam titles at the age of nineteen is absolutely crazy. I believe that she is not a hero because of her play, but the fact that she overcame adversity when everything was going wrong in her life.

  3. Monica Seles had to overcome extreme physical and mental distress from her experience. Even though most athletes do not come back successfully from injuries of this magnitude, Monica Seles still persevered to play the sport she loves. Although Monica Seles did not reach the top physical shape that she was in before, she still tenaciously fought for greatness and therefore she is a role model to all those who have faced adversity in life. Thus, Monica Seles is a hero to the whole world.

  4. It is tragic that Monica Seles’ success as a tennis player was put to an end by a lunatic. I do not follow tennis and was unfamiliar with her remarkable story until reading this blog. She is a hero to me because she was brave enough to return to the game she loves after suffering from a traumatic experience and all of its aftermath. She exemplifies resilience.

  5. Before reading this blog, I had never heard of Monica Seles. I am so glad that I am now aware of her heroic journey. This woman is truly an inspiration, not only to atheletes, but to all humans who experience a traumatic occurrence. I honestly cannot imagine the fear and sadness she experienced following such an irrational and unfair act of harm. However, her ability to fight against depression, face her fear, and return to the tennis world, shows great courage and perseverance.

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