Lois Wilson: The Hero Who Helped Families of Alcoholics

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals


7 thoughts on “Lois Wilson: The Hero Who Helped Families of Alcoholics

  1. Well written article. It’s amazing how we can change lives by simply helping each other. Relationships with alcoholics can be very challenging which is why support from others helps to go a long way.


  2. very good article i will definitely get the movie and watch it. Lois must have been an exceptionally strong person,she touched so many peoples lives and gave them hope i pray she had some happiness in her own life.

  3. What a well-written artilce! Your article captures the spirit of Lois and the extraordinary contribution she has made to our world. The depth of her understanding of the devastating effects of active alcoholism on the family are matched only by her own celebration of recovery! And, as a direcy result of her work, Al-Anon Family Groups has saved millions of families! Thank you for writing about Lois and encouraging people to see the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie about her life, “When Love is Not Enough- The Lois Wilson Story, based on the book by William G. Borchert. It’s a great movie!

  4. I am glad to have heard the story of the creator of the Al-Anon program. I have friends who have participated in this program, and it really helped them through the struggles that came with having an alcoholic family memeber.
    I really respect Lois Wilson for staying with her husband despite his problems, and for creating good from an obviously bad situation. It is rare that people are able to remain positive enough to do this, especially in situations that seem hopeless.

  5. I think it was great that you chose to feature Lois Wilson. Almost everyone knows what AA is but not many people know anything about its beginnings. I think it is amazing that one person helped to make such a substantial difference in the treatment of alcoholism. Her strength and determination is definitely something to be admired and serves as a powerful example.

  6. Lois Wilson was a great choice. Her story is very touching. She struggled through her life and eventually solved her own problems, but she didn’t count her blessings and thank God for putting her where she deserved to be, she made sure it wouldn’t happen to other people. She took her negative experience and formed an organization to help people still struggling with the problem she overcame. That is truly heroic.

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