Albert Einstein: The Hero Synonymous With Genius

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

6 thoughts on “Albert Einstein: The Hero Synonymous With Genius

  1. Einstein was amazing; it’s even more amazing to think of how long ago he developed his theories– nearly a hundred years! He truly advanced Humanity’s conception of the Universe more than just about anybody else who ever lived. And his compassionate and pacifistic beliefs truly cement his status as a cultural hero.

    It’s also true that he’s a cartoonist’s dream. One of my favorite cartoonists, Sidney Harris, uses him quite a bit. For example, one focuses on an Einstein lookalike being discussed by two background figures: “His theories haven’t amounted to much, so he’s working on his resemblance to Einstein.” 😀

    Though subsequent scientists have built on his ideas over the decades, Einstein will go down in History as the one who conceived that paradigm shift. In fact, at this point, Einstein can probably be considered an archetype as much as a hero.

  2. I love Albert Einstein! What an incredible individual and great example of the heroic genius. Einstein is an inspiration to humanity as he demonstrates the human capacity to comprehend the world around them. I love his philosophy that academics have a responsibility to better the world and his illustration of knowledge as a way to do this.

  3. Einstein had all the brains and ability to be a hero but it was his actions and words that really defined his heroism. He used his knowledge to advance science and try to help others. His inspiration alone is enough to recruit new students to science everyday. He truly is a hero.

  4. Einstein is an example of a hero who demonstrated indirect leadership. Although he was clearly aware of his ground breaking scientific achievements I do not believe that he considered himself a hero. As sections of this blog entry allude to, he attempted to dodge the spotlight, displaying his humble nature. His lasting impact in the world of science and philosophy, as well as his token “scientist” appearance undoubtedly allow him to be remembered as a hero.

  5. Albert Einstein was one of my favorite heroes and reads growing up. His life interested me because of the many things that happened to him as a child that showed failure. He proved everyone wrong in life becoming an amazing man who came up with theories that have kept the world wondering today.

  6. Einstein is a great transformational hero for what he has contributed to the progress mankind.

    However, Einstein is not a perfect hero. He played a large role in the invention of the atomic bomb that killed millions of people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of WWII. He was one of those who signed a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt urging that the bomb be built. Despite the fact, later, knowing the disastrous effects that an atomic bomb can cause, he condemned the use of atomic bomb.

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