Lady Gaga: A Hero in the Making?

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26 thoughts on “Lady Gaga: A Hero in the Making?

  1. I don’t believe this!
    Lady Gaga is so amazing.
    Of course she is a hero. In her own way. But she is.
    I love her musics and videos. They are so unique. She is unique in her own way as a singer and with her clothes fashion as well.
    Like that blogger said, She is not afraid what others are gonna think. She is so herself.
    And it’s incredible.
    I know she will have more success. She deserves it.

    I’m so happy to read something I really appreciate. Has been a long time since I visited this blog. And I missed it so much.

    See you on the next post.
    Fabíola Garcia.

  2. Fame doesn’t make someone a hero, but what they do with their fame may. Her efforts to promote equal rights for Gays is definitely a step in the right direction; if she can keep moving in that direction without crashing and burning, she can become a cultural hero.

    Very little of contemporary music catches my attention, but I am familiar with several of Lady Gaga’s songs. They are well done and catchy. She definitely reminds me of a female Freddy Mercury, and I loved Freddy Mercury. I wonder if she can continue to progress and make songs as wonderful as his.

    As for her name, I guess she is lucky that Queen didn’t go with their original title of “Radio Caca.” 😀

    I hate to sound like an old fart! Really! OK, I can see the Pop value of Lady Gaga as an early 21st century icon. Her music is danceable but, to me, mostly – or as yet – unmemorable. I can see, as one commentator noted the resemblance to Freddie Mercury and Madonna, and I’ll admit to being curious about where she’ll eventually go and grow to. I’m just (literally) back from a trip to the R&R Hall of Fame and Museum, and guess that Lady G is no more or less worthy of enshrinement as many other pop stars and icons. Mostly, I see and hear a sort of incomplete, unformed talent. The girl’s got potentiality, but let’s wait and see about “Shero” status. Hero/Shero for me is the individual who adds something to the community, who helps us to dream, stretch, grow. Lady G, maybe, just not yet.

  4. I’m with Les on this one. Pop icon – yes. Hero – no. I’m not saying she’s completely without substance, but at this point in her life, she’s got a lot more flash than sizzle. And although I don’t know the woman personally, I can’t help but feel like her number one priority is Lady Gaga and not the rest of humanity. Self-absorption seems to be incompatible with heroism.

  5. This is an absolutely fabulous blog, I completely agree with her classification as a hero. The path she has taken through her individuality and advocacy for gay rights had made her an unarguable icon.

  6. I also think Lady Gaga is a hero. She is an inspiration for many people and has a large fan base to which she spreads awareness of the importance of gay rights. Her influence has had an impact on gay rights, which is enough to make her a hero for some people.

  7. I think it may be unfair to say, concretely, that Lady Gaga is by no means a hero. Yes, she is undoubtedly a pop icon but she isn’t necessarily using her fame to simply further her career. From day one she’s always had a message – that to be unique is to be beautiful. Lady Gaga makes news for her music, her out there fashion, and her activism not for frequent trips to jail and substance abuse problems like many of her fellow celebrities.

    She has always been a fervent supporter of the LGBT community and has participated in the National Equality March in Washington D.C. More recently she spoke out publicly against the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. She also donated all of the proceeds from one of her concerts to the relief effort following the earthquake in Haiti.

    Is she a hero to me personally? Not yet – but she’s close. She’s moth definitely worthy of admiration. But I don’t think that my perception of her prohibits anyone else from seeing as her a hero. To some one out there, Lady Gaga may be a hero for her courage to speak up – to use her fame for something productive for a change. So I think we owe it to her to give her the benefit of the doubt.

  8. Lady Gaga is a hero to some because of the way she sings and dresses but in my mind she has not done anything that has made me think that she is a hero. Maybe in a couple of year Lady Gaga can be called a hero but not at the moment.

  9. I think "hero in the making" is the perfect status for Lady Gaga. I do not think she has been around along enough to be considered a hero yet, but I definitely think she has the ability to reach that level. I believe that heroism is in the eye of the beholder, and I can completely understand why some people would think that she is or will eventually be a hero. What especially stands out to me about Lady Gaga is the message she portrays through her work as an artist. She is a firm believer in individuality and is a strong advocate of gay rights. This is what distinguishes her from many other artists. Instead of just producing catchy and entertaining music and videos, Lady Gaga also fights for the rights of the commonly discriminated against gay minority in our country. I really admire this about Lady Gaga and think this is what will eventually elevate her to hero status.

  10. Lady Gage wore meat to the music awards. I think that says enough about her personality and the person she has become. I think she is very talented, but like most celebrities, she is letting the fame go to her head. She can sing a catchy song and has no problem fighting for gay rights, but I do not see her as a hero, not now or ever.

  11. Wow. I would never have thought of Lady Gaga as being a hero. I have always regarded her as a talented musician with quite a few hit songs and a wardrobe for which an adjective just cannot be found to describe. However, to be perfectly honest, after reading this Blog, my views are shifting. Come to think of it, for example, Lady Gaga seems to be able to stay out of the media in terms of problems with drugs and alcohol, as opposed to other celebrities€¦*cough* Lindsay Lohan *cough*. So, in my opinion, that should immediately endow upon her the title of "role model."

    Also, over the summer, Lady Gaga was the performance guest on an airing of the "Today Show." She sang a few of her most popular songs for the "largest audience turnout in €˜Today Show' history," and in between the performances, she was interviewed. Now, honestly, this was the first time that I ever heard Lady Gaga in a formal interview. She talked about how important her fans are to her – for example, she told how, the night before the performance, fans of hers were camping out in front of the studio in the middle of Rockefeller Plaza, so she sent pizza to everyone. She also continued to make references to the vast amount of support she has received from the gay community, obviously reflecting her great amount of support for it, as well. Teaming up with Cyndi Lauper, Lady Gaga is also a huge advocate for A.I.D.S. awareness, on top of everything else.

    Taking all of this into consideration, I think that it is safe to say that Lady Gaga definitely has the potential to gain "hero" status. Who knows? In the eyes of some people, she may have already acquired that title.

  12. I don’t believe that Lady Gaga is anymore of a hero than I am. She has not sacrificed anything to become who she is. She makes millions of dollars and how much does she give? All she does is sing a few songs and stand up for something that is so “different” and she quickly becomes a hero, that is not a hero at all. People say she sacrifices her image stand up for what she believes in. Well, she sacrifices her image everytime she puts on the silly clothes she wears.

  13. I do not think that Lady Gaga is a hero, but that is a personal opinion. Lady Gaga does not represent what I beleive in and, in my eyes at least, has not made a significant effort to help others, especially compared to what someone of her fame and fortune could do.
    That being said, I do see how many classify her as a hero because of her individuality and her willingness to stand out from the crowd. however, I do not think that those qualities alone qualify her as a hero.

  14. Lady Gaga is an incredibly talented artist and quite an entertaining personality, but definitely not yet a hero. Hopefully she avoids the Lohan path and uses her fame to inspire good in the world.

  15. I don’t see Lady Gaga as a Hero figure. She seems to be more of a pop culture icon. I don’t think her intention was to be a role model for other people. She is an exhibitionist and a performance artist. However, I must give her credit for not being afraid to truly stand apart in a crowd.

  16. lady Gaga is a wonderful person she has given a voice for the gay community, and is letting them know that its okay to be who you are. she is recieved much love, and will continue to support the gay community

  17. Personally, I am a fan of Lady Gaga, and I do think that her work with the gay community has been incredible, but I do not consider her a hero in the music industry. When you think of music heroes, people like Michael Jackson, John Lennon, and Elvis Presley come to mind. I think it would be ridiculous to hold Lady Gaga at such high esteem. Those did more than just produce good music, they changed the entire face of the music industry.

  18. I myself would not classify Lady Gaga as a hero per se, though I do think she falls in some sort of in between category. Her ability to speak out and her brazen lack of fear of what anyone else thinks of her sometimes bizarre actions is definitely admirable. I’m a fan.

  19. In my opinion I think Lady Gaga Is my hero, why, because she brings creativity and she had told us to believe in our selves she is very talented and respectful, and the best singer ever, I LOVE YOU LADY GAGA YOU AMAZE ME, YOU POP MY HEART

  20. OK, Let’s be clear on this, if our society views Lady Gaga as a hero..or anywhere close to being a hero, we my friends are on the slippery slope to doom. Now, pop culture icon? To that I would agree.

    If you look at the definition of hero, Lady Gaga falls way short.

    I challenge anyone to chronicle any “brave deeds” that Lady Gaga has done. And please, don’t chime in with she’s an activist for the gay community.

    Just my opinion..Sara

  21. Lady Gaga is a hero indeed to some people and she’s really special in a different way. But she doesn’t have the qualities of a true hero. I always see lady gaga as a wierdo music artist who wants constant attention.

  22. In my opinion, i don’t see Lady Gaga as a hero. In my eyes, she has not made a significant effort to help others, especially compared to what someone of her fame and fortune could do. Yes, she is a believer of individuality (wore a meat dress to the music awards) and is a strong advocate for gay rights, but i don’t think this distinguishes her from any other artist.

  23. Lady Gaga has become a great role model for her fans. She exhibits qualities of leadership and desire to create change, however, at this point in her career I don’t believe she has made an impact on the world that will last forever. She will need to be a large influence on a change she fully stands behind and believes in for her to be a hero. For now however, she is a great role model and shows people that you can be whoever you want to be.

  24. Lady Gaga is a hero because she truly does not care what anyone thinks. She wears whatever crazy outfit she wants, and is able to shun the criticism she receives. She is an inspiration to all girls who want to deviate from the norms of society and be their own individuals.

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