Reed Richards: Fantastic Family Man

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals


8 thoughts on “Reed Richards: Fantastic Family Man

  1. Good one, RJ. Now I know how many stretching puns can be made in one article. LOL.

  2. Excellent post! The Fantastic Four are such a refreshing throwback to the days when people would without hesitation use whatever abilities they had to serve their country.

    I particularly have enjoyed Roy Thomas’ writings on the group. Thank you for your coverage of important superheroes in this blog.

  3. Thanks, Sean, I’m glad you liked it. I agree with you about Roy Thomas– he had a perfect grasp of the characters and the theme of the book.

  4. At this time there are no plans for a third movie, despite the cast being signed for three pictures. There are rumors that the series will be rebooted, like Hulk was, but there is no definite news as yet.

  5. Reed Richards is a hero on many levels. originally he was a national hero for his war efforts and scientific break throughs, then he became a champion for all mankind through his efforts to combat Galactus, and he was a personal hero for his wife, child and best friend for searching for cures for their various ailments. Richards is a hero due to his limitless levels of both physical and moral courage.

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