NASA Climate Change

Nasa has a really neat website solely devoted to climate change. The website is super easy to navigate, and explains a lot of issues regarding climate change. They separate the website into 6 categories; facts, articles, solutions, explore page, resources, and Nasa science.  Under the facts sub section, the user can find information on climate change evidence, causes, and effects. They have several mitigation efforts under solutions, as well as news articles that pertain to climate change. The main visual on the homepage of the website is a carousel of 5 stories that are relevant in the news. Under this, there is a “cheat sheet” of different statistics relating to climate change, such as global temperature has increased by 1.8 degrees fahrenheit since 1880. You can click on these fact to expand them for further information and visuals. They also have a question/answer portion of the website, which I found to be really helpful. I would reccomend exploring this website if you want to take a deeper dive into climate change! Follow this link:  

2 thoughts on “NASA Climate Change

  1. Caroline- Thanks for showing this to us! I just spent a few minutes looking at the site, and I think its awesome. I especially like how much info they have on climate change. I think the fact that the site is so accessible is very important for all the people who need to get a better understanding of what exactly is happening to our earth. I am excited to show this to some friends outside of this class!

  2. This is such an interesting website! I think it’s so great that they have interactive sections for people of all ages. I really like the section called images of climate change, and how they showed that climate change is actively happening is something that we must tackle right now. Thanks for the awesome resource!

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