Breathing Earth

The Breathing Earth simulation website is really interesting because it shows country by country the amount of tons of CO2 admitted for a certain time period, usually a minute or two, since you’ve been watching and per person. It shows, by color the countries who admitting the most and those who are admitting the least. Lastly, it shows the population of each country, how much it’s growing or decreasing and how many people are being born and dying while you are watching.

This site does a really good job of connecting different aspects of CO2 emissions, in terms of different countries and people. I think being able to compare population and emissions of different countries with each other is a really useful tool, it shows the countries, like America, which are really using more than they likely should be, in terms of population proportion. It is also really useful to see counties that are not currently emitting a lot of CO2 but have rapidly increasing populations, for instance many in Africa, to think about how these pollution may increase as their population do, especially with increasing modernization globally.

This website is relevant to what we are doing because it addresses pollution and human impact on the world, especially in the greater context of human development and changes that are occurring as a result. While it obviously isn’t completely accurate as we don’t yet have the technology to provide real time data with such speed and precision, it is based on reputable statistics and does well to prove the point its trying to make. At the bottom of the site the creators have also provided information on where their data comes from, why it is important and what can be done to reduce emissions on a personal level, which I find to be very helpful and interesting.

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  1. This is a really interesting idea for a website. It is fascinating to see how many people are born just while you are visiting the site to help you visualize the world population. It is also really helpful to be able to see first-hand carbon emissions on a global scale. I also like how they are very upfront about where this information comes from. I think this could be a very useful site for the general public to use to be able to see the correlation between carbon emissions and population.

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