The Ten Most Spectacular Geologic Sites

After learning about the pedosphere/lithosphere in class. I was extremely interested in the rock cycle and how various rocks were created. After the last exam, I know you all are familiar with the three main types of rocks and how they can form from one another. After studying, I wanted to do a little bit more research on interested geologic features on the Earth’s surface. I came across this website, which I found to be extremely fascinating! You all should check out these pictures.

See if you can recognize a few of these geologic sites that we mentioned in class!


2 thoughts on “The Ten Most Spectacular Geologic Sites

  1. This is awesome! So many (I think 5!) from our class! Great find. I enjoyed learning about the others we haven’t mentioned before.

  2. This was a really cool look into the wonders of the creation of our Earth. I have always been interested in physical features, primarily rock formations and such because I love hiking. I was most intrigued by Mammoth Cave and how only 360 miles have been surveyed out of the estimated 1,000. This is definitely going on my list of places to go explore. Hopefully there are cool places to go kerplunking there.

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