Envision the James GeoStories

The Envision the James project is an online initiative to engage the community to make their voices heard pertaining to the James River. The project seeks to educate people but also learn what they would like to see happen along the James in terms of recreation, protection, and education. This is very important to helping people understand the geography of the James River and how it affects and is affected by humans.

The site also includes GeoStories, which are collections of pictures, videos, text, and audio that tell a story about a place. Several are already¬†available¬†on the website discussing several different areas along the James River. This is a great way to “remote sense” the river and learn more about it through other people’s experiences.


3 thoughts on “Envision the James GeoStories

  1. I thought this was a great website, especially since we just learned about the James RIver Watershed in lab. I enjoyed reading about the 7 miles of the James River that passes through the city of Richmond and everything it has to offer. This helped me to understand how important it is to keep Richmond’s rivers clean and healthy.

  2. I really like that this website is specific to the James River Watershed, but emphasizes that the developments and conservation of the James will hopefully provide a model for other rivers that flow into the Chesapeake Bay. I also like that on several pages there are blurbs and articles associated with plots on maps. This allows viewers to develop their geographical understanding of the watershed as they learn about events and activities on the river, wildlife and conservation, and the health of the watershed.

  3. This is cool Taylor. It is interesting to visualize the passing through Richmond of the James. It is also great to be able to visualize what the James could be, and projects surrounding the James in the future.

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