The Interactive Weather Maker

Check out the link above to discover how Equatorial and Poleward temperatures combined with the relative humidity level to affect the rate and phase of precipitation. This is a simple and fun way to learn the atmospheric patterns that create windy, rainy, and snowy conditions.



2 thoughts on “The Interactive Weather Maker

  1. Although this website is really quite simple, it’s very effective in helping people (adults too, not only children) understand the interactions between humidity and equatorial and poleward temperatures. Giving people a sense of control over the weather would help them learn how the storms outside are formed during seasonal changes.

  2. I agree. At first glance, this interactive weather maker seems like a very simple child’s game, but if you really move the scrolls for temperatures and relative humidity, it can be very informative. Not only is this a useful tool to learn about the different relationships between humidity and temperatures, but it can also be used by the public to understand what the weather channel is referring to in the morning or afternoon news for how it the weather will change in the future. For example, if the temperature is at a steady 15-20 degrees Celsius, as it is today, we can see that with an increase in relative humidity, there will be darker skies and more clouds with greater possibilities of rain, as experienced this morning.

    Question: I found that it is impossible for the equatorward temperature to be below the poleward temperature…why is that?

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