Global Warming Happening A lot Faster Than You Think

This article talks about the prediction of scientists that the Earth’s average temperature will increase by 11 degrees farenheit by 2100. While all of us will be long gone by then, we will feel the changes gradually. The IEA, International Energy Agency, is responsible for this new prediction in global temperatures.

The IEA believes that human activity is responsible for this change with the burning of fossil fuels releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. They believe that unless we are able to curb our consumption of fossil fuels, the Earth is in store for a “spell catastrophe”. The use of electric powered machines and an increase in the reliance in other forms of renewable energy will enable us to avoid some of this 11 degree increase.

The author blames the Republican party for the inexistence of a global climate treaty. Because they vehemently deny global warming, the United States does not stand a united front against global warming. The United States, being a leading nation, has the power to influence smaller countries in acknowledging this problem. Unless the world is able to come together in order to solve global warming, we will witness drastic climate changes in the next 100 years.