I don’t know how many of you have been watching the new Discovery Channel series Life, but it is full of amazing facts and footage about the many facets of the biosphere. This takes Planet Earth to a whole new level! Next week (Sunday from 8-10 pm) the episodes are on plants and then primates. I have taken to doing my work early (?!?!) just so I can tune in. Check it out!

4 thoughts on “Life

  1. This show truly is amazing and demonstrates in slow motion many interspecies interactions from the biosphere that would be extremely difficult and rare to capture with your own eyes. I personally find the biosphere to be the most interesting of all spheres and this series does a very thorough and entertaining job of covering all aspects of the biosphere.

  2. This show is phenomenal. I am already a fan of planet earth and the expansion that this show brings is amazing. However, I must say that I much prefer the characteristic voice of David Attenborough to that of either Oprah or Sigourney Weaver. I don’t understand the need to Americanize shows in the first place. But, I am getting carried away now and my thoughts on Americanization are in no way related to the biosphere. I think that Life offers an incredibly unique opportunity for the layperson to have a closer look at what goes on outside of his/her individual bubble and also helps raise awareness of the issues that face our delicately balanced environment.

  3. This show looks really interesting. I heard about it from a lot of my friends and professors so I might check it out. Its going to be a definite win with Oprah doing the voice-overs/commentating.

  4. I agree that this show is incredible. The pictures they are able to capture are absolutely amazing. The most fascinating thing about this series is the way they capture all these animals acting in their natural environments. Cameramen are willing to jump right in the middle of these processes and sometimes risk their lives in order to share what they are witnessing with the world. It’s amazing and I’m sad to see the series end.

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